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Welcome to the free online GRE class and counseling:

Please read this mail meticulously upto the end and follow the steps sequentially.


Please follow this link to the GRE Preparation Guide, this will be always assisting you while GRE prep.

It is important to follow it serially. This course is planned for a duration of 3 months. If you have less time, just divide the same amount of study-schedule according to your time.

As you proceed, your progress will be assessed by Quizzes. The quantitative (math) tests are hyperlinked in the excel, you can download them just by clicking them.


If you are new with the admission process and these things, the folowing article will give you an overview:


To track the YouTube videos classes go to this link:

Start from the orientation class. These classes are to assist you while reading the consecutive Word Map chapters. If you don’t have Word map, still these classes will help you learning the vocabulary. If you have Word map, the videos are only covered for Word Map part 1, after that it is supposed that you will be expert enough to etymologize and mnemonise the words yourself !


Here are the ultimate tricks which I collected over time to remember words. Follow them meticulously to get effect.

Here is a link for the most commonly used word roots:

Fifth (VERBAL):

1. For GRE verbal, see this link for basic strategy:

Actually, Barron’s book is enough to get 1400+ in GRE, other books are just to assist. Go through Barron’s top to bottom for tips of verbal and quantitative all sections, read them several times if needed, go with the practice tests of Barron’s.  

2. Following is a link for a torrent of GRE Audio wordlist. Download the torrent, unzip it, listen to the audio in a mp3 in you are working or busy. Listen to the audio files every week. You can download the torrent with BitTorrent application installed in their PCs can simply use this file to Click & Download the audio.

3.  Please work on your own thrust. We are here to guide you, but we cannot give the GRE for you, right? Please go to through all my videos, if needed multiple times. The most commonly used word root are already present in my videos.

4. Few people found learning words by pictures helpful, so here is my picture collection in zip file.

5.  In the revised GRE, ETS has given more importance to reading comprehension (RC). Among 20 verbal questions, around 10 are from reading passage. So for RC, we suggest you read the tips given in Barron’s GRE (old book will do). FIrst finish the examples over there, then solve Big Book, and then start with the following link: (at least 6 RCs per day, at max ∞):

If you can finish the above link (which is huge), you can try with this one:

Sixth (Quantitative):

Read the chapters called Quantitative Comparison in Barron’s Book for Math. Ans as long as you progress, read the chapters as geometry, arithmetic etc from Barron’s and Nova as guided in the excel file. And here is a tips file I got from one altruist, have a look:

To improve your basic math skills, I found this website very, very helpful:

I am attaching some video links for quantitative here. If you have good connectivity you can try watching these videos, FYI, these videos are not recorded by me.

Seventh (AWA):

Here is a very good book for Analytical Writing Ability (AWA):


I suggest you to give the GRE Diagnostic test as soon as you get my mail.  It is located in the first chapter of Barron’s GRE. Read the first chapter of barron’s thoroughly. Give the verbal and quantitative part of the exam and see how much did you get, find your weaknesses and work on them. You should be completed with the diagnostic test within a day. This is the first thing you should do right away.

For problem solving, first try solving any kind of related problem yourself, then discuss with other students in this group.


A favor to ask, please add your friends in this group (you’ll see add friend button on the right corner of the group). If we plan to gather all Bangladeshis studying abroad and at home, in one place, everyone of us needs to put dedicated effort.

Ask us questions! Send us corrections. We don’t avoid anyone and we never get irritated. We are here to help, and soon we will be connecting you to a huge network of altruists.

Thanks for your time.

Written by Siam Hossain

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