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Don’t know how to start.I wanted to share my experience after confirming university but as my lill bro Pavel asked me to share it instantly i couldn’t help to express myself. I sat for GRE this evening.(তাজা তাজা অভিজ্ঞতা). My score aint that good still i’m happy. Thanks to ALL MIGHTY ALLAH. HE helped me in all problems & gave me strength to face it & win(still i’m not sure i’ll remain winner till the end but hope i’ll INSHA ALLAH).


I think all getting bored with my boring introduction. Let me introduce myself to u people. I’m Tasnim Rahman. Passed my M.Sc. in chemistry from JU & done MBA major in Finance from DU. Working for a 1st generation Bank for last 4yrs.(কামলা খাটি রে ভাই ঃ(). When i was doing my MBA i was asking my parents to permit me to study abroad as most of my cousins & friends were leaving for higher study. But my parents didn’t permit me.(মেয়েদের বাবা মা একা ছাড়তে চায় না। কি যে কষ্ট পেয়েছিলাম আমি বুঝাতে পারবও না). So i forgot about my dream & started myself prepare to make a place in so called job market in BD. In 2009 i joined as MTO in a pvt commercial bank. But as days went by i felt like what i’m doing here. There is no scope to express my idea. Like if my boss says this client is good, I have to do something to prove to management that this party is good.(Financial data নিয়ে কত যে চুরি করছি।CRG তে কম আসলে সাথে সাথে Client কে phone নাইলে Boss to গালি দিবে :@). In this meanwhile i got sick & hospitalized & doctor said i have some serious disease. When i was having my treatment in India I called my mom & asked her it my wish & may be the only one to have my higher study abroad. This time my mom said ok go for it. When i came back BD still i was too weak to study or do any kinda work. I’m under treatment for last 1yr. Still i started thinking about sitting for GMAT as one of my friend said me GMAT can help me to study in business subject i was not well informed i ran after it. I registered for GMAT on 12th January this year. But till last week of December i have to ran after doctor for my treatment. after taking 15days preparation i sat for GMAT. But i got only 420 only. i was like :O. So stop looking for university in USA. thought about European & Australian University as they don require GMAT for business subject. 29th April i appeared for IELTS got 6.5. As i’m not good in vocab & for work pressure i could not get enough time to prepare myself for exam, it was enough for me. That time i got address of this group. (Pavel told me & thnx to him).


I started roam around this group & read comments & after sometimes i started to search university website for their requirement & surprised to see that GMAT aint only way to enroll urself in business school. As i wanted to study  Financial Economics/Applied Economics/ Financial Risk management related subject GRE is also accepted in some uni its preferable. So again i start to take my preparation for GRE. From last week of june i stared study. It was tough for me with my physical condition & office pressure. Sometimes when i came back from office at 8:30pm & tried to study & fall a sleep.


I didn’t know from where to start. Some said it’s important to memorized words otherwise u’ll mess in verbal part. But from my childhood i cant memorized words. I have to use those words frequently otherwise i’ll just forget them. I tried it 1st week of july.(Word দিকে তাকালে ও মনে হত আমি মারা যাচ্ছি।). After this mess i was kinda angry with me. If all can do it y can’t i? So i decided i will let the verbal part go & work more with quant as mathematics was always my strength. within august 2nd week i completed Manhattan 1-6. & tried some online material related with quant section.


Now it came a big question about what i should do in verbal part? words they wont hear my. so as i’m good in reading comprehension i started to get my emphasis in it. But RC also betrayed me (এত খনে নিশ্চয়ই বুঝে গেছেন যে আমি মহা মূর্খ english এ). I was so tensed that i started to read words & reading comprehension strategy in my office when i get 5min break from my work. Although if my boss see this post he will issue memo against me.


After Eid i started giving mock test online also in GRE center. ( I got admitted there but my teacher got lower score then me :S & still money was a big issue for that purpose may b i started study like this). In GRE center mock test i got pretty much good score. But when i gave my mock test online most of the time i got shocked. (এভাবে খেটে যদি ২৯০ পাই কি লজ্জা এ না পাব নিজের কাছে).


Till 18th September i was kind thinking i have to be ashamed for my GRE score. Even in test center all are engineering back ground & most of them are frest graduate & i was only person whoz thinking to start after 4yrs. My sequence of exam was like Analytical writing, Verbal, Quant, Verbal, Quant, Verbal. As i don tried to think abt how much i get in verbal part i was kinda tension less abt it. But my 1st quant part was not that good. i was stuck in one question for 5min. & habitually i could not just omit it. (আমি এমন এ পাগল যে আমাকে সব solve করতে এ হবে এমন mentality). The 2nd quant part was good.


When the moment came to know the truth-report score – i was kinda remembering ALLAH. clicked the button. kinda ok i got a average decent score no wow also no cry. (Quant -160, Verbal-150). 🙂


I don’t know if it will be possible for me to get myself admitted in a university with funding but still i can say i tried to work hard & ALLAH didn’t just let me come back with empty hand. And ALHAMDULILLAH for it.


I only wanted to share this to say the business students of this group don’t get discouraged try hard u’ll find ur own way. If u want something heartly ALLAH will give it to u. Thnx to all for their help. & expecting these people will help to all like this always.

Written by Anmona Ami

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